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Location: British Columbia
Project Type: Distribution
Industry: Events

Trinity Plugs In to Help Power Major Music Festival

When one of Canada’s largest music events needed power, it was no surprise that Trinity Power – with our well-known inventory and event expertise – was called on to supply equipment and logistics for the festival’s 2015 incarnation this August. With a short timeline and tight budget from our client, a power systems company, we were right in our sweet spot for delivering customer satisfaction

Our client had gotten the assignment to supply distribution equipment to festival organizers, and turned to Trinity to help supply the equipment they didn’t have themselves. While the company came to us with their own equipment and load list, our temporary power experts worked one-on-one with their personnel to redesign their layout to use less equipment and enable much more efficient installation (and a faster demobilization, once the last performer’s amps had been packed away). Even though the majority of the needed Trinity equipment and cable had only recently been used at a major sporting event, it was available thanks to the hard work of our QA/QC specialists who inspect and repair every item before it’s shipped out to the next project.

A last-minute schedule change upped the challenge further for the Trinity team – though we were originally asked to have the equipment ready for pick-up on the Tuesday after the August long weekend, we received a call at the end of the day Thursday before the long weekend asking if we could have things ready to go by the end of the next day. The customer comes first at Trinity Power Rentals, so our team was on the job until 8 pm that Friday to ensure the entire order was prepped, strapped down on the truck and ready to rock & roll.

While the deadline change put a slight crimp in our team’s holiday schedule (one shop member actually postponed a trip to Whistler), it also meant our client could have equipment in place and energized before festival attendees arrived at the site. In fact, they had the luxury of an entire day to deal with any additions or changes from festival organizers – an inevitability at such a large event.

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