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Location: Ontario
Project Type: Power Distribution
Industry: Construction

A Customized Solution Powers New Poultry Plant Construction

Major construction projects are a complex undertaking, and their temporary power requirements reflect that fact.

But Trinity Power’s team of experts, and our large, Canada-wide inventory make us uniquely suited to handle complex, multi-faceted projects. Not only are we able to source the right equipment, we’re able to optimize it to meet a project’s specific requirements.

This approach allowed us to deliver both the right solution and savings for a recent Electrical Contracting client.


The Client: A Forward-Thinking Electrical Contractor

Founded 60 years ago, this Electrical Contracting client with locations across Canada has always been ahead of its time. They offer state of the art project management technologies, and were one of the first private companies in Canada to use computerized estimating. The reason for keeping ahead of the curve? Simply to deliver excellent work.


The Challenge: Powering a Major Construction Site

Our client was hired on as the Electrical Contractor for the construction of a new poultry plant in Southern Ontario. Not only did they require a large amount of equipment to power a number of trailer complexes and tools onsite, but they needed that equipment to be easy to move around the site, and to be compatible with their own cabling and equipment.


Our Approach: A Coordinated Effort

The Trinity team worked closely with our client to ensure that our solution would meet with their power requirements. Sourcing equipment from our locations across North America, Trinity was able to deliver all of the equipment our client required.

The equipment we delivered included:

This solution allowed our client to feed power to the locations where it was needed on site, providing the necessary electricity for all of their trailers and tools. Not only that, but the Trinity team customized the equipment so that our client could use their own 750mcm aluminum cable for the 400A panels, saving them the cost of renting or buying separate cable.


The Result: A Project-Centred Solution

Thanks to Trinity’s quick and comprehensive solution, our client was able to move forward with the construction of the poultry plant on schedule, and because of our highly customizable equipment, they were able to save money and enjoy the efficiency of a plug and go system that will meet the needs of their evolving worksite.

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