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    Location: Alberta
    Project Type: Power Generation & Distribution
    Industry: Utility

    Shutdown Vs. Pandemic: Powering Critical Telecommunications Loads

    Shutdowns are never easy or convenient, and the stakes for keeping critical loads powered are usually high. When the loads in question include telecommunications services at a time when many people are conducting the bulk of their business online, the stakes seem that much higher.


    The Client: An Electrical Contractor That Does It All

    In operation since the early 70s, this Edmonton-based electrical contractor brings several decades of experience to the job. No project is too big or too complex for this client, which offers electrical services in the industrial, residential and commercial sectors.


    The Challenge: A Shutdown With Highly Critical Loads

    Our client had been hired by a major Canadian telecommunications company to lead a large-scale shutdown at one of their infrastructure facilities.

    With the facility’s power system slated to be shut off for two weeks, our client needed a fool-proof way to ensure their client’s critical loads would remain operational for the duration of the shutdown.

    The consequences of failure would be wide-reaching, impacting not only our client and their client, but also any individuals or businesses relying on the infrastructure in question.


    Our Approach: Delivering Quality, Consistently

    The client came to Trinity Power because of a long-standing relationship. They had worked with us before and knew they could count on our team to deliver.

    Through a re-rent partner, the Trinity team sourced two 450kVA generator rentals — one to operate as the prime, and the other to wait on standby. We paired these with a 1200A automatic transfer switch. We also provided a 600kVA isolation transformer (to step down from 600V to 120/208V), a 1600A I-line panel with 17 breakers, and over 4000 feet of 4/0 cable, which interconnected and fed all of the loads.

    In addition to this top-of-the-line equipment, the Trinity team compiled equipment spec sheets and created single line drawings to ensure our client would have a smooth install process, and the equipment would be placed exactly where it was needed.


    The Result: A Smooth Shutdown, Free of Crossed Wires

    Thanks to the Trinity team’s clear communication and our access to high quality temporary power equipment, our client was able to run a smooth shutdown project, all while ensuring that the services their client provides remained undisrupted.

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