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Location: British Columbia
Project Type: Emergency Power
Industry: Electrical Contracting

A Same-Day Emergency Outage Response Keeps a Commercial Facility in Business

When it comes to emergency outages, time is of the essence — and not only the time it takes to restore power to a facility. An often overlooked facet of the emergency response timeline is maximizing the time available to solve the original problem effectively so that a similar issue can be avoided in the future.

The solution Trinity provided for a recent emergency response provided both.


The Client: An Electrical Contractor With a Long Track-Record

With over 75 years in the Electrical Contracting business, this Vancouver-area client has earned the trust that customers associate with their brand. With a full service facility and decades’ worth of experience, this client provides a complete range of electrical services, from industrial wiring to motor speed controls.


The Challenge: A Multi-Business Emergency Outage

When an emergency outage happened at a commercial building in Metro Vancouver, there were several businesses that were depending on a quick solution. Not only did the multiple businesses that operated out of the building need to remain operational, but a refrigeration facility on site contained a large inventory of perishable goods that would have been very costly to replace.

The owner of the property called our client, who had worked with Trinity Power in the past. Having experienced our 24/7 emergency response before, our client knew who to call to supply the equipment they needed to restore power to the facility quickly and expertly.


Our Approach: A Fast, Flexible Response

Within a few short hours of receiving the call, a 350kW 600V generator, sourced by the Trinity Team, had been delivered to the facility. In order to speed up the installation process, a Trinity rep drove to the site with 100 feet of cable so that our client could begin the installation while they waited for the generator delivery.

In order to ensure the generator wouldn’t experience any interruptions, Trinity also provided on-site refueling services. Not only do our refueling services eliminate the hassle of managing the monitoring and logistics of generator fueling for our clients, they also help to minimize the amount of wasted fuel.

With the emergency situation under control, our client’s focus shifted to locating the source of the problem. In order to accommodate this lengthier process, the Trinity Team brought a fuel tank on site to eliminate the transportation costs associated with fueling the generator over a longer period.


The Result: Loss Mitigation and Future-Proofing With One Solution

Thanks to Trinity Power’s quick emergency response, our client was able to get their client’s commercial facility back up and running quickly, allowing the businesses operating there to move forward with minimal losses.

And because of our flexible, client-focused approach, our client was able to continue to rely on our solution while they identified and resolved the original cause of the outage.

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