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Location: Alberta
Project Type: Shutdown
Industry: Oil & Gas

Explosion Proof Gear Keeps Things Safe During an Oil and Gas Shutdown

When temporary power equipment and the Oil & Gas industry meet, the name of the safety game is often “explosion-proof”.

So it’s no surprise that this was the case for a recent shutdown of a major crude oil plant in Alberta, where our client was delivering electrical contracting services.

Explosion proof temporary power equipment designed for use in Class 1 Division 2 environments is safe, durable, versatile and easy-to-use. It is designed to contain any sparks created during operation and prevent them from contacting and igniting any gas or dust in the air. It is obvious why such equipment might be required at a crude oil facility.

Equally obvious is why our client, an electrical contracting company that offers an impressive array of electrical and instrumentation services, would need explosion proof equipment to complete a shutdown they were working on.

The shutdown, planned for preventative maintenance and testing, was scheduled to take about 2 months. With the potential for combustion, the site was required to be intrinsically safe, meaning there couldn’t be any arcing or sparking from the electrical equipment, which also had to be sealed to prevent gas from leaking in. It was the kind of job explosion proof gear was designed to handle.

Knowing that Trinity Power has the ability to source a wide range of specialized and explosion-proof temporary power equipment, our client came to us to provide the gear they needed to complete the job safely and effectively.

To that end, we were able to source and supply a 75kVA 600/480V – 120/208V load center, 2 master panels and 4 slave panels along with over 60 cables — all rated as Class 1 Division 2.

Thanks to our selection of high-end explosion-proof gear, our client was able to complete their installation for the shutdown in an efficient and timely manner, while meeting all of the site’s safety requirements — an un-explosive conclusion to another successful project.

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