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Location: Edmonton
Project Type: Shutdown
Industry: Electrical Contracting

No Crying Over Spoiled Milk: Trinity Provides a Backup Transformer For Big Dairy Plant

A little cream for your coffee? If you’ve ever wondered where that cream came from, there’s a good chance the answer lies with our client.

A big player on the world dairy stage, this client produces and distributes milk, cream, cheese and other dairy products around the world, and is the top producer of cheese in Canada. It’s milkman meets global mega-organization.

When the main transformer at their Edmonton plant had to be replaced, our client needed everything to go perfectly. With a plant full of perishable assets, the replacement needed to happen quickly, within a 12 hour window, and having backup equipment in case something went wrong was essential.

When Big Dairy needs a big backup transformer, who do they call? Trinity Power, of course. They came to us looking for a bulletproof contingency plan and the equipment required to carry it out.

Trinity supplied a 5000kVA 13.8kV-480V transformer, 100 feet of HV cable and 250 feet of low voltage cable, including over 300 pieces of single conductor 4/0 Camlok cable.

Because the transformer weighed over 30,000 lbs and was located in Ontario, Trinity also handled all the transportation logistics, including having a crane at either end to load and offload the equipment.

The entire system was set up and ready to go before the shutdown began, so that it could be easily fired up should anything go wrong.

With a solid backup plan and equipment in place, the dairy plant was able to move forward with their permanent transformer replacement, without worrying about spoiled milk.

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