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Location: Ontario
Project Type: Power Generation
Industry: Electrical Contracting

A Large Generator Protects a Recycling Plant from Nearby Nuclear Plant Surges

Sometimes temporary power is required in emergency response scenarios where damage has already been done to an electrical system. Other times, it is used to prevent damage being done in the first place. For example, a facility might deploy heaters in the winter to prevent equipment from freezing during cold snaps, or they might arrange for an extra generator to run on-site during peak season to account for an increased load on the system.

Prevention was key in this project: our client who needed a temporary power solution to avoid becoming collateral damage, and Trinity gladly delivered.


The Client: An Electrical Contractor With 24/7 Availability

With a team of fully certified staff, 24/7 availability and the expertise to carry out industrial, commercial and residential projects, this Ontario-based electrical contracting company is ready to respond to any challenge, quickly. Their motto is “no job too big or too small,” and they mean it: the services they perform range from plant lighting to fiber optic cabling to home rewiring.


The Challenge: Moving a Recycling Facility Off-Grid

Our client was working with a local municipality to ensure that the city’s recycling facility would not be impacted by routine testing being done at a nearby nuclear power facility. In the past, electrical surges resulting from these tests had caused extensive damage to equipment at the recycling plant. To prevent future damage, our client needed to isolate the plant from utility power before the testing took place.

With their original vendor unable to meet their deadlines, our client was in a bind. They needed a solution delivered quickly, on a tight and inflexible schedule. Trinity Power was happy to step up.


Our Approach: On Time and On Budget

Time was of the essence. Working quickly, the Trinity team was able to source a 1.2MW 600V generator along with 200 feet of cable, available when our client needed them. We also provided on-site fuel service to monitor and maintain fuel levels throughout the duration of the testing.


4/0 cable from a generator


The icing on the cake? Despite the short notice, Trinity was able to stay within our client’s quoted budget.


The Result: Smooth Operations

With Trinity’s quick delivery, the recycling facility was able to disconnect from the grid and avoid destructive surges, while remaining online and fully operational.

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