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Location: Ontario
Project Type: Power Generation & Distribution
Industry: Emergency

A Quick Response Restores Residential Power During a Heat Wave

In conversations about extreme weather and electrical power, winter storms like the one experienced by Texans last winter are usually the first scenarios to come to mind.

But other extremes, like the heat waves that blasted many parts of North America this summer, can be equally deadly.

That’s why, when a residential building in the Greater Toronto Area experienced an outage in the middle of one of those heat waves, restoring power as quickly as possible was imperative to ensure the safety of the building’s residents.


The Client: Len Electric Corp, Experienced and Versatile

An Electrical Contractor with over 20 years of experience, Len Electric Corp serves residential, commercial and industrial customers across the Greater Toronto Area.

Their highly qualified, licensed electricians offer services that include load calculations, installations, property maintenance, 24/7 emergency response and more.


The Challenge: A Residential Safety Emergency

This past summer, Toronto broke high temperature records as it suffered one heat wave after another. In the midst of the heat, an electrical room in a residential building caught fire, causing an emergency outage and leaving residents – many of whom were elderly – without the ability to cool their homes.

Len Electric was contacted by the building’s superintendent. They in turn contacted Trinity Power.

With the safety of elderly residents on the line, Len needed to accurately assess the damage, and then report back to the City of Toronto’s Fire Marshall with a temporary power solution that would restore power to the building’s life-safety system, including the fire pump and elevator access, until the electrical room could be permanently repaired.

In other words, they needed a solution fast.

To hear more from Len Electric Corp about the challenges of this project as well as the approach we took in working with them to determine a solution, watch this video.



Our Approach: Reliable, Full-Service, 24/7 Availability

Having worked with Trinity Power in the past, this client was familiar with our experience and responsiveness, so they knew what to expect: that no matter the time of day, we would be ready and able to deliver a solution.

The evening the call came in, a member of the Trinity team drove to the site to help assess both the site layout and equipment requirements. This information was then relayed to our Project Managers so that they could begin mobilizing our shop and contacting our generator rental partners without delay.

Based on this information, the Trinity team designed a distribution system that would be located outside the building, as close to the electrical room as possible

Working with both our vendor partners and our own inventory, Trinity supplied:

The Trinity team also provided single line diagrams to help streamline installation, as well as refueling services.


The Result: A Happy Repeat Client

24 hours and one sleepless night later, power to the building was restored, and the danger to its residents was averted. Thanks to Trinity’s quick response and the hard work and collaboration between stakeholders, our client was able to live up to their reputation for reliability in a crisis – and so were we.

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