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Location: Alberta
Project Type: Protection
Industry: Oil & Gas

Delivering a Hassle-Free Cross-Border Solution

Moving electrical equipment across borders is not always a straightforward task. Electrical codes vary from region to region along with requirements for voltages, certifications and safety features. Unfortunately avoiding international shipments isn’t always an option, and when specialty equipment is required, sourcing it from the nearest vendor probably won’t be an option.

Trinity’s Power Broker Model gives us access to inventory across North America. This means that if the equipment you need is 1km or 1,000kms away, we can deliver it to you. It also means that we have a lot of experience navigating the technicalities involved in shipping temporary power equipment across state, provincial and national borders.

Recently, the Trinity team was able to put that experience to use for a client in Northern Alberta.


The Client: A Full-Service Instrumentation Company

An industry leader for 30 years, this client has decades of experience providing full-service instrumentation and electrical products and support. The dynamic and broadly-focused company provides services that include installation, commissioning and 24/7 technical support to a wide range of industries, from cryptocurrency to solar energy to oil & gas.


The Challenge: Specialized Equipment With a Short Lead Time

The client reached out to Trinity Power looking for a specialized piece of temporary power equipment to complement an existing electrical system at a gas plant in Northern Alberta. They needed a medium voltage breaker to protect a VFD controlled 5000hp 4160V compressor, and they needed it quickly.


Our Approach: Cross-Border Logistics Management

The Trinity team quickly sourced the required unit — a 1200A 15kV breaker. The catch? It was located south of the border.

In order to facilitate the delivery of the unit, Trinity provided cross-border logistics and managed an inspection team that provided SPE-1000 certification for the specialized equipment to be used in Canada.

We also worked with an engineering company to confirm the overcurrent relay settings and trip curve to make sure the breaker was rental-ready in the time frame our client required.


The Result: A Hassle-Free Solution and a Seamless Startup

Thanks to the Trinity team’s experience and industry knowledge, our client was able to acquire the equipment they needed in short order. Because Trinity’s experienced team handled the intricacies of sourcing and delivering the breaker from out-of-country, we were able to ensure that this specialized equipment was certified and mobilized seamlessly in the required timeframe, allowing the startup to continue as planned.

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