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Location: British Columbia
Project Type: Power Generation
Industry: Electrical Contracting

Providing the Power Needed for Industrial Pump Testing

With our industry-leading temporary power expertise, unparalleled equipment access and dedication to our clients’ success, it is not surprising that Trinity Power sees a lot of repeat business.

But besides working with the best, our long-standing clients gain something else from an ongoing relationship with us: familiarity.

We’re not just talking about being on a first name basis with your spouse, your kids and your dog; we’re talking about a deep knowledge of your requirements and processes that enables the Trinity team to build even more efficiency and customization into our approach.

Here’s one example that highlights our work for a return client.


The Client: An Innovator in the Industrial Slurry Pump Industry

In business for over 40 years, this client designs, manufactures, and distributes the highest quality slurry and sump pumps for heavy-duty solids handling.

Their focus on continuous improvement has ensured that the equipment they manufacture leads the industry in reliability and innovation, and their commitment to excellent service and efficiency have made them a customer favourite.

Sectors where their pumps are used and loved include the oil & gas, mining, dredging, power, and steel industries.


The Challenge: A Testing Phase Requiring Heavy Duty Power Generation

Before entering a production phase, good manufacturers will test their prototypes rigorously. But what to do when testing your equipment requires a power configuration that your facility can’t accommodate? You call Trinity Power.

In order to test a number of motors effectively, our client needed a large amount of power at 4160V – something that wasn’t going to be possible with the electrical system on site.

Having worked with Trinity Power during several testing phases over the years, our client didn’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Our Approach: A Streamlined Solution

Having worked together on similar projects in the past, everyone knew what to expect: our client was able to tell us right away what cable length they required and which voltage they needed to step up to. And on our side, the Trinity team knew exactly which equipment configuration would perform the best on this job.

Trinity Power supplied:

In order to streamline installation on site, the generator came with a camlock connection and the Trinity techs hung 4/0 camlock tails off the 480V side of the transformer to make it a plug and play connection.

To keep the testing as hassle-free as possible, Trinity delivered a generator that was slightly oversized in order to handle the inrush of the motor and procured a transformer that could handle the generator’s rating.


The Result: Another Job Well Done

Thanks to the streamlined, plug’n’play system designed and delivered by Trinity Power, along with the familiarity we had with our client’s requirements, they were able to complete their testing efficiently, without any headaches or unknowns.

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