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Location: Alberta
Project Type: Distribution
Industry: Electrical Contracting

Temporary Power Replaces a Failing High-Voltage Breaker at an Iconic Canadian Destination

As a temporary power provider, Trinity’s project locations aren’t often Instagram-worthy. (Unless, of course, you see the beauty in manufacturing facilities like we do.) But every so often, a client comes along with a site in a truly stunning location. This was the case on a recent project where not only was our job site in an area of pristine natural beauty, it was also a luxury hotel hosting visitors from across the globe who were expecting a relaxed, uninterrupted stay.

When failing electrical equipment threatened a disruption, Trinity stepped in to restore the peace. Here’s how we did it.


The Client: An Historic Luxury Hotel

Located in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage site, this internationally celebrated Canadian hotel was originally built over 100 years ago to accommodate 19th century outdoor enthusiasts. Since then, it has grown to include 539 rooms, 7 restaurants, a spa and over 3,000 square metres of indoor event space.

This hotel attracts tourists from all over the world, offering a luxurious base from which to explore the nearby natural beauty.


The Challenge: A Failing High-Voltage Breaker

With a 2000A breaker showing signs of failure, and hundreds of guests to consider, the clock was ticking – our client needed a replacement right away. Sourcing a permanent 2000A breaker, however, takes time.

To ensure their guests would remain comfortable and continue to enjoy their stay, the hotel needed a temporary solution, so they turned to Trinity Power.


Our Approach: A Fast, Full-Service Solution

Working quickly, the Trinity team mobilized a 2500A 600V standalone adjustable breaker, along with 96 pieces of 4/0 single conductor cable, to be delivered right away.

Due to the location of the temporary breaker, the equipment and cabling would need to be easily transported up a stairway. To accommodate this requirement, the Trinity team provided 25’ camlok cable lengths rather than the normal 50’ for a job like this, significantly reducing weight.

We also handled the freight to the site, which is located in a mountainous area.


The Result: Happy Guests, Happy Client

With Trinity’s quickly delivered, low-hassle solution, our client was able to continue to operate as normal while awaiting their permanent breaker, and to focus their efforts on their number one priority: providing their guests with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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