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    Location: Ontario
    Project Type: Distribution
    Industry: Electrical Contracting

    A Residential High-Rise Fire Requires an Overnight Response

    In the temporary power industry, responsiveness and efficiency are paramount. This is never more true than for emergency outages in residential buildings. When people’s homes are at risk or uninhabitable, a quick temporary power response can mean the difference between returning home or not.


    The Client: An Experienced Toronto-Area Electrical Contractor

    As one of the GTA’s premier 24/7 emergency service ECs, this client has seen a lot of emergency outages. Luckily, their highly trained licensed electricians are well-positioned to rise to the challenge. And the company’s 20 years of experience in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors mean they know how to handle any situation they might encounter.

    In addition to emergency services, this client also provides load calculations, installations, inspections and more.


    The Challenge: A Three-Alarm Fire and an Emergency Outage

    When a large fire broke out on the 42nd floor of an apartment building in the Greater Toronto Area, the Fire Department was the first to get the call. Next on the list was our client, who in turn called us.


    1200a iline panel.

    When the smoke cleared, approximately 11 floors on the eastern half of the building had lost power, forcing many of the residents to be displaced.

    In order for the residents to return home, a temporary power solution had to be designed, procured and delivered as quickly as possible. The Trinity team was up to the challenge.


    Our Approach: An Overnight Response

    The call came in after hours. Trinity immediately sent a representative to the site to meet with our client and determine the building’s temporary power requirements. Based on those requirements, we quickly procured the best-fit equipment from our large rental fleet and called our shop technicians in to prep it. The equipment Trinity provided included:

    All of the equipment was on its way by 3am.

    In addition to on-site support and equipment, the Trinity team provided a single-line drawing showing the equipment and cable layouts in order to ensure a smooth installation once everything was delivered.



    The Result: A Swift Resolution for Displaced Residents

    Thanks to the same-night response provided by Trinity and our client, power was swiftly restored to the residential building, allowing work to begin that would enable the residents to return home as quickly as possible.

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