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Location: New Westminster, B.C.
Project Type: Emergency Power Generation
Industry: Emergency, Electrical Contracting

Trinity’s Expertise Comes to the Aid of a High-Stress High-Rise Outage

Few electrical outages pose the urgency faced when a high-rise residential tower goes dark. When simply getting out of the building can require an operating elevator and ventilation is centrally supplied, getting building systems up and running quickly is a life-safety necessity. This was the challenge faced by our client, an electrical contractor, when called to the site of an electrical failure at a group of residential towers in New Westminster, B.C.

Our client’s electricians quickly realized the project would be no quick fix – the failure resulted in damage to the existing transformer and the entire 120/208V distribution system. Temporary power would be needed – and fast – to bring power back to residents while permanent repairs could be made. The contractor called Trinity in to assist, and the clock started ticking. We were able to complete temporary power design and select what was needed from our own large inventory within an hour. That equipment was onsite at the towers within 24 hours.

Included was a massive, large-amperage distribution system, with all the necessary cabling. Just two days later, our client called on us again to double the amount of equipment at the site and to help address other downed systems We also had a Trinity Power specialist at the site to help coordinate the smooth installation and operation of temporary power. While permanent repairs continued, residents could rest assured building systems would work as needed with Trinity’s equipment in place

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