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Location: Malple Ridge B.C.
Project Type: Emergency Power Generation
Industry: Emergency, Electrical Contracting

Fast Action Saves a Supermarket’s Stock

One of the biggest worries homeowners have when an electric-utility power outage occurs is that food in their refrigerators and freezers might spoil – just imagine how much larger those worries can be for a supermarket manager when the lights suddenly go dark. That was the situation faced at a supermarket in Maple Ridge, B.C., following a recent BC Hydro outage. Fortunately, Trinity Power was able to bring power back to the market before damaging losses could occur.

The first call the store’s managers made was to a contracting firm known throughout the region for its wide-ranging electrical expertise. That contractor then started calling on temporary-power providers to see who could get equipment in place the quickest, before a supermarket’s-worth of perishables began to thaw and spoil. Trinity Power was able to immediately commit to a delivery time, and our equipment was moving out the door in less than two hours.

Our involvement continued as we stayed in communication with both our client’s staff and our own trusted vendors, to ensure the equipment’s delivery and to schedule onsite refueling for the generator we supplied. With the generator keeping the store’s coolers and freezers up and running, store managers knew their power needs were covered until BC Hydro was able to solve their system’s outage.

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