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Location: New Westminster, B.C.
Project Type: Maintenance Upgrade
Industry: Electrical Contracting, Utility

Trinity Power Serves Up a Cool Solution

Data-centre renovation is a hot business these days, as Trinity Power recently discovered. We were called in to help with just such an effort – though we weren’t there to supply power to the building’s hundreds of servers. Instead, our customer needed a short-turnaround solution to ensure a number of temporary air conditioning units and fans kept running while the building’s own electrical systems were being upgraded, so all those servers could stay comfortably cool.

Such cooling is a critical component in running facilities like the one in New Westminster, BC, for which Trinity’s help was requested. Servers are getting smaller, so more of them can fit into existing rack space, and with more servers comes more heat. The facility’s managers brought in a leading temporary cooling and heating supplier to maintain server-friendly temperatures while the building’s AC systems were taken off line – and that company called on Trinity to keep their 17 AC units (and more than a dozen fans) powered for the project’s duration.

Temporary Power Equipment Needed:

Of course, performance was critical in this high-pressure project, and not just because revenue was at stake – a problem with just this facility’s operations could impact internet service throughout Western Canada, Alaska and California. This meant that ensuring the cooling equipment had a reliable power supply was essential. But time, also, was of the essence, as Trinity had less than 24 hours to pull together a complete package of distribution equipment for our client

This was a complex project, involving much more than simply procuring equipment. Our scope stretched from system design, with our technicians conducting a full on-site walk through to fully understand our client’s requirements, through installation. We also handled complicated site logistics, which included cranes for landing and removing our equipment and refueling plans needed to keep generators up and running.

The full project, from initial contact to installation, was completed in just a few days. Providing turnkey services, Trinity was able to help our client concentrate on the job of keeping its customer up and running – and help everyone involved keep their cool.

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