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Location: Florida
Project Type: Emergency Power Generation
Industry: Emergency, Electrical Contracting

Trinity Sources Elusive Generators for Irma Recovery Efforts

With 185mph wind speeds that lasted upwards of 33 hours, Hurricane Irma was one of the strongest, longest-lasting Atlantic storms in history. The storm traced a path of destruction across a swath of Caribbean islands before hitting Florida and nearby states, taking at least 70 lives and leaving nearly 3.8 million Florida homes and businesses without power. While utilities worked around the clock to restore the power, many residents went without for several days — some up to a week or longer.

When a disaster of this magnitude strikes, temporary power becomes extremely important. Recovery efforts and business continuity plans alike need power to succeed. But when disruption is on a large scale, like it has been in Florida, the temporary power equipment required to move forward can be hard to find.

That was the case for our client, one of North America’s largest restoration networks. With over 80 independently owned and operated locations throughout North America, this organization handles large restoration projects including water damage, infrastructure damage and catastrophic storm recovery.

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, our client has been heavily involved in the recovery efforts underway in Florida. As they got to work, however, they encountered a problem: due to the scale of the damage and loss of power in Florida, generators are nearly impossible to find throughout most of North America.

Our client was determined to find the 8 200kW generators their clients needed, so they came to Trinity Power for help. Speed was of the essence, since one of the company’s clients is a bank, providing important and time-sensitive services to its customers.

Because of our unique, far-reaching power broker model, we were able to source the generators from a vendor in Edmonton, and another in Fort Lauderdale, and have them ready for shipment in under 24 hours.

When disaster strikes, access to temporary power can be crucial. Thanks to Trinity Power, this restoration company’s clients, and their customers, won’t have to go without.

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