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Location: Saskatchewan
Project Type: Shutdown
Industry: Oil & Gas

Trinity Designs a Complex Solution for a High-Stakes Shutdown

At Trinity, we love a well-planned shutdown. So when a large Saskatchewan oil refinery contacted us to power their 2018 scheduled shutdown, we jumped at the opportunity.

With over 1,000 employees, this refinery is the lifeblood of the local community. It has been in operation for 80 years, and in that time has invested heavily in the local economy and community initiatives.

With roots that run this deep, it is important not only to the refinery, but also to the community as a whole that the upcoming shutdown run smoothly.

The extensive site expects to shut down their main power for three days, during which time they will need temporary power to keep all their crucial areas operational. These areas include control buildings, an administrative building, fire hall and pump houses, wastewater treatment plant services, pumpers and labs.

Powering the site will be no small task, but the Trinity team loves a challenge.

In order to meet the site’s temporary power needs, Trinity has sourced 13 generators, ranging in size from 20kW to 1500kW. We will also be providing one 2500kVA 480V – 4160V transformer and two 1500kVA 480V – 4160V transformers as well as an estimated 100 pieces of 50 foot cable to get everything connected.

We have also provided a massive submission package that includes all the relevant details. These include single line drawings, specification packages, the bios of Trinity employees involved with the project, a health and safety manual, a schedule laying out the timelines of the project, company information and more.

With this all-star lineup of best-fit equipment, and comprehensive information manual, the shutdown is set to move ahead on schedule and within budget.

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