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Location: Fox Creek, Alberta
Project Type: Shutdown
Industry: Electrical Contracting, Oil & Gas

Trinity Equipment Keeps Gas Plant Running During 2 Month Long Shutdown

What has 14 generators, dozens of panels and hundreds of feet of cable? One serious temporary power solution. When one of Alberta’s largest licensed sour gas processors, was planning the 2017 shutdown of their facility in Northern Alberta, they trusted Trinity Power to provide the temporary power — and we delivered.

With several gas processing facilities in Western Canada, and a licensed capacity to the tune of billions of cubic feet of gas per day, this client is a big player in the Canadian natural gas industry.

The shutdown, which is scheduled every five years, and takes 2 months to complete, provides the maintenance and upgrades that are necessary to keep the large sour gas processing plant operating safely, efficiently and profitably. Given the size and complexity of the facility, this project was no simple feat.

On top of the trailers that were brought in for management and various trades, power was also needed for remote locations around the site, including the tank farms, main rack, motor control centres and several skids. There was also a camp for upper management located at the airport several kilometers off-site, where power was required for approximately 30 travel trailers as well as a washcart housing water heaters and washing machines and dryers.

It was just the kind of challenge that the Trinity Power team thrives on. In order to ensure a successful shutdown, Trinity provided 14 generators, ranging in size from 20kW to 800kW, along with dozens of panels, and hundreds of meters of cable. We also provided an AC unit for the control room to help keep the operators cool and focused — success is in the details.

Success also lies in our belief that service extends far beyond providing the best equipment for the job. Beyond designing and sourcing a complex temporary power system to carry the facility through the lengthy shutdown, Trinity also sent a project manager to the site to ensure the delivery and installation ran smoothly.

Finally, the Trinity team created detailed documents including single line diagrams, specification sheets and equipment lists, to help make future shutdowns even more smooth and seamless.

All of these moving parts and fine details added up to one big success; the shutdown was completed on time and under budget, without any down time. It’s an equation we are proud to have played a part in solving.

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