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  • From tracking workouts to booking a rideshare to video conferencing with your three year old, it seems that there’s an app for nearly everything. Not surprisingly, the electrical trade is no exception.

    While technology is no substitute for knowledge and experience, the right app can make life just a little bit easier for electricians of all stripes.

    Back in 2015, we delivered our top app picks for Canadian Electricians. This time, we’ve identified some of the highest-rated electrical apps for iOS and Android so you can test your knowledge and streamline your work.

    While the ratings represent either the iOS or Android version of an app, many apps are available on both platforms.

    Apps for iOS





    Rating: 4.4

    Number of Reviews: 257

    Cost: Free (per-transaction fees apply when accepting payments through the app)

    What it Does:

    Less paperwork and quicker payment? There’s nothing here not to like. This popular mobile app for electrical contractors offers a go-anywhere approach to managing clients. Joist allows contractors to send, track and customize estimates and invoices, store and organize client information, and accept payments — all from their phone, in real time. This can save a significant amount of time and paperwork, and allows for quick and professional-looking estimates.

    In-app purchases include Quickbooks syncing, allowing contractors to connect to their bookkeeping software, and Joist PRO, which offers even more useful features.

    There is also a fee of 2.9% for any payment accepted through the app, as well as $0.30 per credit card transaction.

    Electrical Calculator Lite



    Rating: 4.7

    Number of Reviews: 23

    Cost: Free (in-app purchases available)

    What it Does:

    Need to make a quick calculation on the job? This no-frills electrical calculator performs nearly 50 different calculations, including voltage, current and resistance, as well as kVA to amps and vice versa, for single phase and three phase power systems. The app also allows for changes to be made to input and output units and supports USCS and SI units.

    Additional features can be purchased in the app.

    Electrical Code a Day



    Rating: 4.5

    Number of Reviews: 26

    Cost: Free

    What it Does:

    Stay fresh and current with this daily quiz app. Written by an electrician, Electrical Code a Day tests your knowledge of the US national electrical code (NEC). Answer one question a day to get your morning started, or answer several at once and turn the grocery store lineup into an educational experience.

    If you’re looking for the CEC, there’s an app for that too. Check out our article about Canadian electrical apps to learn more.

    Apps for Android


    Quick Copper



    Rating: 4.4

    Number of Reviews: 1,590

    Cost: Free (in-app purchases)

    What it Does:

    Need a quick wire drawing? This basic electrical schematics editor allows users to customize symbols, run basic simulations, create wire drawings and save them in several different file formats, including PDF and JPEG. The app has an online and offline mode, and offers an option to sync two or more devices.

    Electrical Engineering Dictionary Offline



    Rating: 4.1
    Number of Reviews: 1,480

    Cost: Free (in-app purchases)

    Can everything you need to know be contained in one app? Definitely not. But with 3,600 electrical engineering terms, as well as formulas, equations and calculators, the Electrical Engineering Dictionary is giving it its best shot. And it’s just as useful for electricians as it is for electrical engineers.

    From units and measurements to protocols to laws and theorems, this app provides a wealth of information in a quick reference format that can be accessed offline. Save your frequently searched terms, use the quiz feature to brush up on key ideas, or contribute your own ideas if you notice something that could be improved.

    Mobile Electrician



    Rating: 4.6

    Number of Reviews: 11,720

    Cost: Free (Contains ads. Ad-free PRO version can be purchased for $2.29)

    Because you can’t have too many calculators, Mobile Electrician offers an easy-to-use, comprehensive database of electrical calculators. The calculators are organized by category, including Basics, Resistor, Conductor, PUE, NEC, IEC, Converter and many more. The app also includes a handbook for quick reference and can generate reports and share screenshots.

    Are you looking for a high-powered contracting app that can travel to remote work sites with your crew? Check out our review of the BusyBusy app, recently updated for Summer 2019.

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