Precision is critical for electrical contractors — even small mistakes come with big consequences on-site. But the need for precision starts before the first conduit is run or coupling installed; accurate quotes and estimations breed a great reputation and help keep costs on track. Fortunately, the days of drawing up quotes by hand and waiting weeks for takeoff data are gone: Here are three software tools designed to make your life easier and your quotes more accurate.

Accubid Electrical Estimating SoftwareTrimble Logo

Used by some of the biggest electrical contracting companies in North America, Accubid is a solid choice for any enterprise generating more than $1 million per year in revenue. Created by Trimble, this software comes with a number of benefits. First, the software is specifically tailored to the electrical industry rather than a catch-all estimating product that covers multiple market sectors. Accubid offers both cost estimating and digital plan takeoff capabilities and it’s possible to purchase the estimating tool as a standalone application. The takeoff portion of the product, however, must be purchased together with cost estimating.

Key features of Accubid include:

  • Digitizer integration
  • Automatic scaling
  • 2D takeoff and CAD integration
  • Labor and cost codes for 22,000 items and 14,000 assemblies
  • Easy integration with back office systems such as Sage Timberline, ComputerEase along with Excel and Quickbooks

Viewpoint MEP Estimating SoftwareViewpoint MEP

Formerly known as Maxwell Estimation, Viewpoint MEP is a great choice for companies of any size as well as contractors in any role — from general contractors to subcontractors or suppliers. This software specializes in quotes and estimations for HVAC, mechanical, plumbing and electrical firms. Trade-specific estimating tools help companies create accurate and timely quotes, and this feature is further enhanced thanks to a regularly updated database with current materials and labor pricing.

Critical features of Viewpoint MEP include:

  • Excel integration
  • “What-if” analysis
  • Integrated takeoff module to generate takeoff estimates without the need for stylus pens or digitizer boards
  • Rollup and Rigid digitizer integration
  • Automatic scaling


ConEst IntellibidConest Logo

Developed by ConEst, Intellibid is designed to for anything from residential to heavy commercial and industrial construction estimating. The software tool is offered in four packages: Lite, Plus, Pro and Design Build, making it a viable choice for both small vendors and large enterprises alike. While the tool excels at both bid management and cost estimating, it also includes the unique ability to create bids which factor in the impact of both weather and job site conditions on the overall cost of labor.

Unique features of ConEst Intellibid include:

  • Smart Substitution, which allows users to change materials on the fly and then generate new quotes on the fly
  • Intellibid’s Journal Message Center, which serves as a hub for all job-related documents to ensure all changes are tracked and acknowledged

The Bottom Line

In addition to unique functionality and the ability to create accurate and timely quotes for electrical contracting work, each of these software tools also comes with a reputation for superb customer service, along with the ability to easily integrate with existing ERP and CRM systems. Need an enterprise-level quote system? Opt for Accubid. Looking for a broader view? Try Viewpoint. Want better control over labour costs? Intellibid may be the ideal choice.

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