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Location: Alberta
Project Type: Power Generation & Distribution
Industry: Oil & Gas

A Multi-Generator Solution Powers a Weekend Shutdown at an Oil and Gas Facility

At industrial facilities, shutdowns play a key role in ensuring that equipment is well-maintained, safe and able to operate optimally. But just because many shutdowns are routine procedures, that doesn’t mean they are simple. Complex infrastructure and heavy electrical loads require meticulous planning and streamlined execution to go well. And the stakes are high – the human and financial consequences of error can be significant.

A recent shutdown powered by Trinity is an excellent example of a shutdown at a large industrial facility going well. This is how we did it.


The Client: One of the Largest Midstream Oil & Gas Operators in Canada

Serving producers in Western Canada, this major player in Canada’s Oil & Gas industry also transports and markets natural gas liquids across North America. Since their founding in the early 1990s, this client has chosen their projects and partners strategically to build a reputation for expertise and innovation – a reputation that is well-deserved.


The Challenge: A Planned Shutdown With Several Critical Loads

In order to perform maintenance on equipment at their main plant in Alberta, our client had planned a weekend-long shutdown of the facility. To maintain key operations, they needed a temporary power solution that would deliver power to their UPS systems, warehouse, administrative building and work camp.

Having worked with Trinity before, they knew we would be able to provide the scope of equipment they required.


Our Approach: Sourcing The Right Equipment for the Job

In order to provide power for the plant’s critical loads, Trinity provided:

The Trinity team worked with the site parameters to ensure the generators and distribution equipment would be sized accordingly. We also arranged for freight services.


The Result: On-Schedule Delivery and Completion

With a best-fit temporary power solution delivered according to their timeline, our client was able to complete their shutdown on schedule while ensuring their key operations remained online.

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