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Location: Alberta
Project Type: Emergency
Industry: Emergency

A Quick Solution for an Up and Coming Electrical Contractor

Successful Electrical Contractors are known for being reliable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy, which is why choosing project partners who are going to come through for them — every time — is crucial.

With our 24-7 emergency response and comprehensive approach to customer care, we pride ourselves on the role we play in helping our EC clients do good work for their clients.

A recent project is a prime example of how our approach can contribute to a client’s reputation-building efforts.


The Client: An Up And Coming Electrical Contractor

Based in the Edmonton area, this client came on the scene a year and a half ago. In that time they have worked hard at building a loyal client base and a reputation for excellent customer service, value for money, and high-quality work.

This electrical contractor offers electrical services for commercial maintenance, new construction, recessed lighting and renovation projects.


The Challenge: An Emergency Outage on the Weekend

Our client received the call on a weekend — a laboratory conducting critical and time-sensitive testing had experienced an unplanned outage and needed to restore power as quickly as possible. Because the work conducted at this lab contributes to important decision-making, risk-reduction and regulatory compliance, it was crucial that the lab return to operation as quickly as possible.

With the clock ticking and a young reputation to build, our client came to us looking for the equipment they needed to deliver a quick solution to their client.


Our Approach: Electrical Experience and the Right Equipment — Fast

When a client works with Trinity Power, they have access to all the skill and experience our team of journeyman electricians has to offer. This means that when an electrical contractor calls us with a request, they can be sure we will deliver the best solution for their project and that we’ll deliver it quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

Within three hours of receiving the initial call, the Trinity team had sourced and delivered a 350kW generator rental and all of the required cable. We also handled all of the fueling logistics, including tracking the generator’s fueling needs and transporting fuel to the site.


The Result: A Growing Reputation for Reliability

Because Trinity was able to deliver all of the required equipment to the lab within 3 hours, not only was the site able to get back to conducting its crucial testing with the minimum amount of downtime, but our client was able to develop their reputation for being quick and reliable, and offering excellent customer service.

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