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Location: Dawson Creek B.C.
Project Type: Commissioning
Industry: Oil & Gas

Trinity Goes the Distance To Power A Gas Plant Project

What does it take to deliver a bid-winning temporary power solution? In the case of our recent project at a phase III gas plant, the answer is: 2 designs, 5 vendors including Trinity Power, and 8 equipment locations spread across North America.

Our client for this project has been providing electrical and instrumentation services in Western Canada since 2003. Specializing in services that range from automation and controls system maintenance to plant expansions and upgrades, the company prides itself on the quality of the service they provide to their clients.

One of those clients needed to commission the backup system for their nearly-completed phase III gas plant in Northeastern BC. In order to do that, they needed a temporary power system that would enable them to load test two 10MW 4160V turbines. This was no simple task since there are only a few load banks in North America that can handle that kind of load.

But Trinity Power was up to the task. After speaking with our vendors across North America, we designed two different solutions, ultimately settling on the most cost-effective option:

We tied the two turbines into existing switchgear, running 200 feet of single conductor 5kV 500 MCM cable into a 1400A 5kV rated bus. From there, we had 3 more 100 foot lengths of 5kV 500 MCM cable running into each 4MVA 4160V resistive load bank.

We also supplied a 500kW 480V generator, complete with distribution and cabling, to feed the required 200A 480V shore power for each load bank.

In order to supply all of the equipment required for this system, we tapped into our vendor network as well as our own fleet. Ultimately, we sourced the necessary equipment from five different companies, bringing it in from 8 different cities across North America from Dallas, Texas to Mississauga, Ontario to Pomona, California

Thanks to Trinity’s extensive network and commitment to delivering the best temporary power system for the job, this far-ranging solution is in place, ensuring that the plant’s commissioning is underway and on schedule.

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