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Location: Pennsylvania
Project Type: Load Bank Testing
Industry: Oil & Gas

Trinity Equips Major Drill Rig Supplier for Load Testing

Load testing is critical in ensuring that newly installed equipment will reliably operate as designed and ensuring overall integrity of electrical systems.

Recently, an energy services provider with one of the largest drilling fleets in Canada came to Trinity because they needed to perform load tests on a rig they were installing in a remote region of Pennsylvania.

This client provides drilling equipment to the oil and gas industry on a global scale, working in exploration and production from their bases in Canada, Australia and the U.S.

Neither the company, nor the rig they were installing, is anywhere close to small. The rig required a 3000kW 600V resistive/reactive load bank for testing. Adding to the challenge was the rig’s remote location — something that would impact shipping times and make delivery timing a priority.

Knowing that Trinity Power has access to a vast vendor network across North America, the client came to us to locate a load bank capable of meeting the testing criteria.

And we delivered.

Scouring our supplier network, we procured a portable 4800kW / 3600kVAR resistive reactive load bank in Pennsylvania that was perfect for the job — and close enough to ship quickly. In addition to the load bank, we also provided 150 feet of cable.

Taking into account the remoteness of the drilling site, Trinity took care of the equipment delivery to and from the site. This allowed our client to focus on planning and execution of the testing phase efficiently and move quickly into production with the security of knowing that their drilling rig is going to operate the way they need it to.

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