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Location: Ontario
Project Type: Power Distribution
Industry: Construction

Trinity Cleans Up Nicely On Soil Remediation Project

In today’s highly charged climate, nothing can sink a business faster than a poor response to a spill or other environmental hazard.

That’s why businesses like our client on this project exist. Soil and groundwater remediation are extremely important services not only for businesses whose operations require this kind of heavy-duty maid service, but also for the plants, animals and people whose health or livelihood depends on clean soil and water.

For over 20 years, this client, a full-service environmental firm, has been at the leading edge of remediation. They use chemical processes to safely remove or neutralize hazardous substances from a wide variety of different sites.

Recently, the firm was providing soil remediation services to a customer in Ontario — a project that required a great deal of electrical distribution — and they came to Trinity to design a temporary power solution (along with installation support) that would allow them to do their good work effectively. In order to feed the multiple motors and control panels that the company was using throughout the site, they needed access to both 600V and 480V equipment.

In order to meet these needs, Trinity provided a 1200A 600V main panel. From there, we fed a 400A 600V secondary panel as well as a 500kVA 600V-480V autotransformer which was used to feed a 1200A 480V panel. In addition to the panels, we installed 19 breakers, ranging from 800A to 30A.

We also supplied over 500 feet of Camlok cable in order to minimize the installation time, as well as recommending a trusted local electrical contractor to help install the equipment.

With Trinity handling the complex electrical distribution for the project, our client was able to focus on their area of expertise: the safe and efficient soil remediation that their customer needed them to perform.

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