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    Location: Delta, B.C.
    Project Type: Distribution
    Industry: Construction, Oil & Gas

    Trinity Brings Long-Term Solution to Tilbury LNG Expansion

    Big projects can require big solutions, and a $400 million expansion of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant in B.C. certainly qualifies as a big project. FortisBC broke ground on the project in October 2014 and expects to commence operation by the end of 2016. The site requires electric power – and a lot of it – to keep office trailers, cranes and construction tools running during construction, a need Trinity was able to fill quickly to meet a very tight deadline.

    In their planning phase, construction managers determined that grid supplied, hydro-produced power would be significantly less expensive than electricity produced onsite with generators. But with only a two-month window for design, delivery and installation, they needed equipment and support from Trinity Power to get a 2MVA substation in place.

    This was no simple equipment-supply project. During pre-mobilization and to meet jobsite specific requirements, Trinity Power worked closely with our customer’s electrical engineers to customize the substation. Additionally, Trinity was responsible for helping the customer meet a range of onsite and off-site requirements, including:

    • Factory and Site acceptance tests.
    • Ground-grid design and installation (including an above-ground, framed-in ground grid).
    • Onsite commissioning (including the Grounding Resistance Test and Step & Touch report).
    • Organizing ongoing quarterly maintenance for the duration of the rental period.
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    This is a long-term rental, anticipated to last at least two years. The alternative for construction managers was to purchase a custom-manufactured substation – but this customer didn’t want the added maintenance responsibilities or storage issues after the project’s completion. Instead, with this temporary-power solution, they gain access to inexpensive and reliable grid-supplied power, with the added peace of mind of knowing that all maintenance and logistics will be handled by Trinity Power, a partner they know they can trust.

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