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    Location: British Columbia
    Project Type: Distribution
    Industry: Film

    Trinity’s Comprehensive Temporary Power Services Power Futuristic TV Production

    Spaceships, bionic humans, and even eternal life – science fiction programs imagine fantastic futures and technology that can do the impossible.

    But these TV shows need real technology to bring them to life — including the equipment it takes to power the often large and complex sound stages where the series are filmed.

    Luckily, Trinity Power’s turnkey temporary power solutions for film productions are almost as forward-looking as science fiction.

    A recent project involving the production of a popular science fiction series put our extensive inventory, and our expertise, to work.

    Now in its second season, this dystopian series, which involves political intrigue, alien technology and digital consciousness, was filmed at a state of the art studio in BC’s Lower Mainland.

    With four sound stages, including a 460’ long, 50’ high mega stage, this Hollywood-owned studio is well-equipped to handle major productions. Because of the unique and complex electricity demands of this production, however, the studio needed a temporary power solution to supplement its existing electrical infrastructure.

    As the lead show for the studio, the series’ filming had to go well, and the production company contacted Trinity Power to ensure that it would.

    With over 20 years of experience providing the best-fit temporary solutions for the film industry, the Trinity team has its approach down to a science.

    Working with our client’s requirements, and existing infrastructure, Trinity’s temporary power Specialists designed a turn-key solution, and then sourced the equipment necessary to carry it out. Finally, we oversaw the installation, seeing to it that everything ran smoothly.

    To ensure that the show would go on, Trinity’s comprehensive solution included three 2500kVA 480-600V auto transformers, three 2000A 600V splitters, twelve 400A 600V disconnects and four 900kVA 600V-120/208V power distribution centres. Each power distribution centre came equipped with six 400A 120/208V switches, which meant there was a total of 24 switches to be distributed between the four sound stages.

    Thanks to Trinity’s expertise and our comprehensive, turnkey temporary power solution, all four stages were powered efficiently, allowing production to proceed on schedule. And the series’ fans will be able to spend a second season immersed in a dark possible future where less benevolent technology has run amok.

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