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Location: Saskatchewan
Project Type: Power & Distribution
Industry: Oil & Gas

Saskatchewan Oil Refinery Powers Through Winter Ice With Trinity’s Help

From football teams to wheat farmers, everyone can benefit from having a Plan B. And in the winter, in Saskatchewan, when the weather is unpredictable and unforgiving, a backup power plan is essential.

When ice took out several power lines in Saskatchewan in early December, our client, one of Canada’s largest oil refinery and upgrading facilities, needed to put a plan B in place, and they needed to do it before the power went out.

Founded by a group of enterprising farmers over 80 years ago, this client is an industry leader in safety, sustainability and reliability.

With their clients, their reputation and their bottom line relying on uninterrupted operation, the refinery couldn’t afford to go without power.

In order to preserve their reputation for reliability, avoid heavy business losses and prevent freezing at the site from steam-generating processes, our client urgently needed to put a backup plan in place.

With our extensive background in contingency planning and emergency response, Trinity knew exactly what to do – and we had the inventory to be able to do it quickly.

Working against the clock, we were able to locate four generators, ranging from 200kW to 2000kW, as well as a 2500kVA 600V-13.8kV transformer, and all the associated cable, all on the same day that the call came in.

The equipment was mobilized that day, and the first item arrived on site at 11pm that night. By the following afternoon, all of the equipment was on-site, ready to go at a moment’s notice in the case of an outage.

Even when backup equipment isn’t called on to perform, its value can’t be understated. Thanks to Trinity’s 24/7 response team, and comprehensive inventory, our client was able to conduct their business as usual, with a backup plan in place, and peace of mind knowing they weren’t at the mercy of Saskatchewan’s notoriously volatile winter weather.

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