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    Location: British Columbia
    Project Type: Power Generation & Distribution
    Industry: Events

    Temporary Power Helps to Showcase Innovative Technology

    For a company with an exciting technology to promote, little is more important than the ability to demonstrate to investors and potential partners exactly what that technology can do for them.

    With a well-powered showroom, companies can present their offering in its best light, winning new business by showing off exactly what they are capable of.

    Trinity Power can help with that.

    A recent project highlights one of the ways that the work we do supports our clients’ business growth – in this case, by powering a winning showroom.


    The Client: A Global Leader in Vacuum-Microwave Dehydration Technology

    Having built their first prototype at a Canadian university a little over 25 years ago, this company has since developed their patented dehydration technology and partnered with numerous food and pharmaceutical processing companies to come up with new applications and opportunities to help those partners meet evolving client demands.

    This client’s mission is to help their partners find innovative solutions to their processing challenges using this unique, cutting-edge technology.


    The Challenge: Showcasing a Unique and Innovative Technology

    Our client and their partners know how well their technology works, but because it’s different from other methods of food dehydration, they need to be able to demonstrate to prospective partners and investors exactly how it works.

    That’s where Trinity Power comes in. The client called us to help them power a showroom where they would be displaying their technology.

    Not only did their machinery need to run smoothly in order to impress visitors, but the showroom itself needed to be powered in order to showcase the product in its best light and help our client grow their business.


    Our Approach: Designing a Complete Solution

    In order to meet our client’s requirements, the Trinity team sourced a 300kW generator rental. We also provided 50 feet of 4/0 camlok cable and a 400A I-line panel with a number of breakers to feed the showroom.

    Finally, we supplied a 75kVA 600-120/208V transformer and a 75kVA 600-480V transformer which would be used to provide power for lighting and receptacles within the building.

    In order to save our client from the worries and extra costs associated with fueling the generator, we delivered a 4500L fuel tank and provided refueling services for the duration of the project.


    The Result: A Show Room That Impressed

    Thanks to the well-designed solution provided by Trinity Power, our customer was able to put together a business-winning showcase, allowing them to increase their sales and ultimately grow their company.

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