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Location: British Columbia
Project Type: Power Generation
Industry: Electrical Contracting

Multiple Generators Power A Holiday Shutdown

Trinity’s 24/7 service doesn’t take a break for holidays. So when a client approached us to provide a temporary power solution for a scheduled shutdown during the Christmas break, they knew we would be ready to assist, and that our power broker model would allow us to procure the best fit equipment despite holiday closures at many businesses.


The Client: One of BC’s Largest Electrical Contractors

Founded in 1973, this client has grown to be one of the largest Electrical Contractors in BC. They’ve done this by striving for excellence in every project, and developing a reputation for delivering innovative, comprehensive solutions with integrity.

This client offers a wide variety of services in areas including industrial, controls and automation, data and communication, high voltage substations and more.


The Challenge: One Campus, Three Shutdowns

Our client was contracted by a large BC University that had scheduled three shutdowns at one of its campuses. The shutdowns were scheduled for the winter holiday, and required several temporary generators.

The electrical contractor reached out to Trinity Power because of our longstanding relationship. Having worked with Trinity before, they knew about our power broker model, and they knew we would be able to access a wide range of generators at a competitive price.

They weren’t wrong.


Our Approach: A Well-Timed Delivery

The Trinity team reached out to our vendor network to source one 150kw 480V and two 80kw 480V generator rentals as well as a truck that could be used to deliver all three generators to the site at the same time, simplifying the installation for our client.

Trinity also provided 4/0 and 2CW5C camlok cable from our yard with bare tail ends to tie into the loads on site.


The Result: A Worry-Free Shutdown and a Happy Client

Thanks to Trinity’s power broker model, our experienced team, and our competitive pricing, our client was able to complete their shutdowns without any issues or interruptions.

And because it was a holiday, Trinity’s 24/7 availability gave our client peace of mind, knowing they could contact us at any time for troubleshooting.

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