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Location: Ontario
Project Type: Power Generation & Distribution
Industry: Electrical Contracting

A Challenging Install On a Residential Building Upgrade

Keeping our clients happy means ensuring their clients are happy as well. That’s one reason we use the term “partner” to describe our relationship with our clients.

We aren’t simply providing a service, we are collaborating with our clients to determine their ideal outcome and design a solution that will get them there. We know that the stakes are always higher than the project scope itself. A job done professionally and efficiently, with high-quality equipment that’s been custom-prepped for the job will bolster a client’s reputation and strengthen their relationship with their customer, all of which leads to them winning more contracts.

On a recent project, our client turned to us to ensure their customer of twenty years would be well taken care of. In order to maintain this long standing relationship, we wanted to ensure that our solution upheld the excellent reputation that this client already had.


The Client: A Well-Established Electrical Contractor

In operation since 1975, this family-run business approaches every job with respect and integrity. While they specialize in high rise residential and commercial projects, this client is able to offer expertise across a broad spectrum of project types thanks to their long history of completing every project with care and attention.

Their wide breadth of services offered includes green energy solutions, utility services, 24 hour service and maintenance and industrial data and network solutions.


The Challenge: An Electrical Upgrade for Newly Renovated Buildings

Our client’s customer — a project management company — had recently acquired two residential high-rise buildings; both had undergone extensive renovations, but their electrical equipment had yet to be treated to an equivalent upgrade.

Our client needed temporary power at both buildings while all of the permanent switchgear and panels for each were replaced. The upgrades would take four weeks to complete at each building.

Because of the project’s timeline, the Trinity team would have just one day to lay out nearly 500 feet of cable and set up the temporary distribution equipment and generator. Further adding to the challenge was the location where the equipment would be housed: inside a parking garage with a 10 foot high ceiling. Given that our panels were 10 feet tall, this presented a potential roadblock.

To address these challenges, we needed a creative approach.


Our Approach: A Fast, Full-Service Solution

In order to meet our client’s tight deadline, Trinity designed, sourced and installed a turnkey solution within the space of a week. Sourcing equipment from our own yard and from trusted 3rd party vendors, we provided our client with:

At Trinity, a turnkey power solution means so much more than delivering the right equipment. In order to perform a lightning quick installation, Trinity Power techs came in over the weekend to install female tails on all of the breakers inside the panels and to ensure the equipment was ready for delivery the following week.

The Trinity team also managed a number of logistical necessities; we coordinated the fueling schedule with the property management team and we worked with the General Contractor, our client and the utility to facilitate the switchover from utility power to temporary power.

And those 10-foot ceilings? We carefully rotated the panels onto their sides, transporting them into the garage and installing them sideways.


The Result: A Trifold Victory

Thanks to Trinity’s quick and comprehensive solution, as well as our well-honed problem solving skills, every party came out a winner. Our client was able to execute their scope of work on time, without worrying about either building’s residents having to go without power. Their client was able to complete the upgrades successfully which means they can now benefit from having a safe, up-to-date electrical system in each building.

The third victory was ours — we get to savour the satisfaction of successfully completing another project.

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