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Location: British Columbia
Project Type: Power Generation & Distribution
Industry: Electrical Contracting

A Failed Transformer Leaves a Marine Terminal Powerless

When the transformer fails at a busy shipping terminal, days can feel like years as all of the hustle grinds to a halt. Restoring power to the facility as quickly as possible is a top priority; any delays can lead to a nightmare scenario of scheduling difficulties and business losses.

A BC-based marine terminal — the largest modern, multi-purpose one on North America’s West Coast — experienced just such an emergency recently. Luckily, the Trinity team and our client were there to ward off disaster with an emergency solution and a longer-term plan.


The Client: An Experienced Electrical Power Service Provider

With over 25 years in the electrical power system industry, this client maintains very high standards. Their technicians are certified to a traceable ANSI standard, and they offer NETA certified engineering and field services at the highest technical level.

While they offer maintenance, emergency and equipment refurbishment services, this client specializes in the inspection, specialized testing, repair and maintenance of critical electrical power systems.


The Challenge: A Marine Terminal Without Power

With 300 to 400 marine vessels up to Panamax size passing through every year, the marine terminal that brought our client on board is a busy place. Between their four dock gantry cranes and hydraulically operated ramp services, the terminal’s energy needs are substantial.

So when a transformer at the terminal failed, suspending operations, a replacement was needed right away. Unfortunately, as is often the case with large power equipment like transformers, the replacement was not expected to arrive for several months.

Needing an immediate solution, the terminal contacted our client, who brought the Trinity team on board.


Our Approach: Delivering a Solution In a Matter of Hours

Within a few short hours of receiving the call, Trinity had delivered a 1MW 600V generator along with camlok cables to the site, allowing the terminal to get back up and running quickly.

Once operations had resumed, the Trinity team worked to design a more cost-effective solution to keep things running smoothly until the replacement transformer arrived.

This solution involved a 1250kVA 12.47kV-600/347V unit substation, which had a 15kV common bus and 15kV cables.

True to our full-service approach, Trinity also provided fueling services and handled the logistics surrounding equipment delivery.


The Result: A Quick Fix With a Long Shelf Life

With Trinity’s expert emergency response, our client was able to reduce the impact of the outage on the terminal and its operations. Our client was also able to rely on us to provide a cost-effective solution for the longer term – one that would keep the facility running until the permanent replacement transformer arrived.

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