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Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Project Type: Shutdown
Industry: Electrical Contracting

Planned Outage Provides a Surprising Challenge

Supermarkets, by necessity, have huge investments in inventory – customers expect their favorite foods to be both fresh and available whenever they walk in the door. Any interruption in power to freezers and refrigerated cases can put that investment at risk. So, when an Edmonton supermarket got notice from their utility of a planned 10-hour shutdown of the local grid, they knew a temporary-power solution would be a bottom-line necessity.

Managers at the market called on a local leader in large retail and commercial maintenance management, who then gave Trinity Power a call to help outline the solution. While inspecting the jobsite prior to quoting, our expert technicians provided the added value Trinity’s broad experience can provide – they spotted a previously overlooked damaged busbar in the store’s main panel. Not only did the damage make a temporary-power connection unsafe, it also had the potential to create an electrical fire in the future.

So Trinity’s project responsibilities increased, but the challenge was easily met. We delivered an 800kW/600V diesel generator to the site (along with all the equipment needed for connection, of course) and repaired the damaged equipment all within a three-hour window. An hour longer, and refrigerated food might have ended up in a dumpster. Our client was a hero for their customer and Trinity proved itself a valued member of the contractor’s team, earning high praise from that company’s management.

“I would like to thank you and your team for the outstanding service you provided us,” wrote the company’s ower. “The shutdown could not have gone any smoother. I look forward to working with you in future projects.”

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