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Location: Fort McMurray, Alberta
Project Type: Electrical Upgrade
Industry: Electrical Contracting, Utility

Partnering for Success

A true partnership is built on trust, and at Trinity Power, we value the partnerships we’ve been able to build with a number of Canada’s top electrical contractors, including the Edmonton-based company we worked with on this project. This client knows they can count on Trinity to provide the temporary power equipment and guidance needed to keep high-profile clients up and running – which was just the case in a recent project for a leading telecommunications organization.

A switching centre in Fort McMurray, AB, was in need of two new 800A breakers, but going out of service for the week needed to complete the replacement was out of the question. That’s when their electrical contractor gave Trinity Power a call, looking for the temporary power needed to keep the facility up and running while upgrades were made.

Trinity’s temporary power specialists designed and assembled a complete package that included a 230kW generator, a 1200-amp central distribution panel, a 300kW load bank and all required cabling. We also managed the logistics of getting the equipment to the site – including the crane needed for drop-off and pick-up. Along with the equipment came a comprehensive quote and a detailed single-line diagram, so our client knew just what they were getting and how it should be installed.

Best of all, while Trinity focused on temporary power requirements, our client’s team members could direct their attention toward the most important task: the on-time and on-budget upgrade of critical power systems. Helping our clients meet their clients’ needs is how we build partnerships here at Trinity Power.

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