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Location: Alberta
Project Type: Emergency
Industry: Oil & Gas

Trinity Sources Hard-to-Find Load Bank on a Holiday Weekend

On a long weekend, most people are relaxing at home, or heading out for a long-weekend trip. But on a recent holiday Friday, one of our clients was hard at work — which means the Trinity team was too.


The Client: A Leader in Complex Energy Processing

Founded in 1998, this client has grown into one of Canada’s largest energy midstream companies, focusing on energy processing infrastructure and transportation.

The company operates multiple facilities in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and with their continuous commitment to operating ethically and responsibly, they have built a reputation as a leader in their industry.


The Challenge: A Natural Gas Turbine With a Minimum Load Requirement

The client was in the midst of a project that required the use of a natural gas turbine. Without a minimum load, however, the turbine couldn’t operate safely.

The solution? A 4000KW 4160V rated resistive load bank that would simulate the required load.

The problem? A load bank of that size is not easy to source. Further complicating matters was the fact that it was a statutory holiday — the beginning of a long weekend. And the client needed the equipment asap, as they only had a few days to complete the required work.

Needing difficult to source equipment, and fast, the client called Trinity Power.


Our Approach: A Ready-to-Use Load Bank Delivered Quickly

As soon as the call came in, the Trinity team got to work. Within two hours, we had designed a solution and sourced the required equipment: a step-down 5MVA 4160-480V transformer and a 4MW 480V resistive load bank, along with 50 feet of medium voltage cable and 50 feet of low voltage cable.

In order to keep the client’s down time to a minimum, we sourced a flat deck trailer to stage the equipment so that the solution we designed would be ready-to-use as soon as it was driven on-site.

We also arranged for a third party vendor to train site personnel in the load bank startup procedure.


The Result: Four Hours From First Call to Delivery

In spite of the fact that the call came in on a holiday weekend, in search of equipment that isn’t commonly available, and that can be challenging to transport and install due to its size, the Trinity team was able to deliver an effective, ready-to-use solution in just four hours.

This quick turnaround kept our client’s downtime to a minimum, allowing them to complete the required work within their timeline.

Not bad for a holiday.

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