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Location: Edmonton
Project Type: Power Generation
Industry: Emergency, Electrical Contracting

Trinity Restores Power to a Flood-Damaged Commercial Building

It’s hard to find a truer statement than “electricity and water don’t mix”, yet when most people think about flood damage, electrical equipment isn’t the first thing on their minds.

Nevertheless, when a water main in downtown Edmonton broke, flooding a large commercial building, the destruction wasn’t limited to carpeting and drywall.

Extensive damage to the building’s switchgear had left the building without power, and in order to get up and running again, a temporary power solution was needed.

That was where our client came in. Founded in 1989, this client provides a complete spectrum of electrical and inspection services. Their team of certified electrical technicians, technologists, engineers and imaging technicians use the latest methodologies and equipment, as well as expertise to offer safe, functional and optimized electrical solutions.

Our client was focused on making sure things got up and running smoothly, and they brought in Trinity Power to design and procure a temporary power system that would allow the building to get up and running until a more permanent solution could be put in place.

The challenges that faced the Trinity team included limited space for the placement of the equipment, fueling concerns, and critical timelines that meant a solution would have to be delivered quickly.

Finding equipment that was available locally, and could be delivered quickly, was another concern.

On receiving the initial call, the Trinity team sprang into action. We sourced a 2MW generator in Calgary – the closest available unit – along with 100 Camlok cables and an external fuel tank with a capacity of 15,000 litres. All of this equipment arrived on-site by the following day.

Because the generator needed to be running constantly, refueling was a major concern. To address this, Trinity arranged for regular refueling and on-site monitoring of the fuel tank.

Thanks to Trinity’s quick response and comprehensive solution, our client was able to restore power to the building within a day of the initial call.

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