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Location: Chetwynd & Fort St. James, B.C.
Project Type: Shutdown
Industry: Emergency, Electrical Contracting

Trinity Responds to Two Emergency Mill Shutdowns

When processing facilities have unexpected shutdowns, the results can be disastrous: revenue and reputation are just two of the major factors that are at risk if operations don’t get back up and running quickly.

Recently, Trinity helped two separate lumber mills to prevent just such damage when power equipment failure unexpectedly shut both facilities down.

When the automatic transfer switch (ATS) failed at a mill owned by the largest lumber producer in North America, on Canada Day long weekend, the facility found itself struggling to find someone who could provide a solution, and do it quickly. After making a lot of calls without any success, the company was referred to us.

The call came in at noon, and by 2am, we had delivered a 1200A 600V rated ATS unit along with the the cables that were needed to bypass the failed unit. Once the equipment was delivered, the next hurdle was the installation and operation of the unit onsite. To ensure this happened smoothly, Trinity sent pictures, spec sheets and operation manuals by email, and had several phone calls with the site’s head electrician to work through the details.

Because of our quick response, the mill was able to get back up and running right away, giving them the time they needed to research and source the best permanent replacement for the failed ATS.

In a remarkably similar scenario, a large electrical contracting company came to us when one of their major customers, a BC-based lumber mill with a forward-looking focus on sustainability, experienced a major equipment failure at their Fort St. James mill.

The mill’s 3000A breaker had failed, which had left the entire facility in a power outage. To avoid significant revenue loss, the mill needed a temporary power solution to get back up and running while they looked into a suitable long-term replacement for the failed equipment.

Upon receiving the call from our client, we moved quickly, assembling all the necessary equipment within hours, and handling the logistics of moving it from Coquitlam to Fort St. James, ensuring it was on site the following morning.

The 3200A breaker disconnect, 4/0 600V camlok cable and tails were installed and running within hours of arrival, allowing the mill to resume operations.

Two lumber mills. Two complete facility shutdowns resulting from faulty equipment. One turn-key solution: Trinity Power.

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