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    Location: Vancouver
    Project Type: Electrical Upgrade
    Industry: Film

    Trinity Solves Transformer Dilemma For Vancouver Film Studio

    With nearly 20 years in the film industry, Trinity is no stranger to tight deadlines. In fact, we thrive on them. So we were excited to take on the challenge of this project, located in a 119,000 square foot, 25 foot clear height, premium film studio in the Greater Vancouver Area.

    Our client, the owner of several film studio properties, specializes in full-service facilities designed to maximize their clients’ productivity. Trinity had worked with this client before, providing a substation transformer on a tight deadline for a different studio, so they knew our team was up to the challenge.

    The facility, which houses four engineered sound stages, a paint shop and a mill shop in addition to other unassigned space, was in need of a building service upgrade. But with a tight schedule — the facility was already booked for upcoming productions — the permanent transformer that our client needed was not going to be ready on time.

    Enter Trinity Power, stage left.

    With deadlines looming, Trinity provided a 1500kVA 25kV-600V portable substation transformer. But that was the easy part. The transformer weighed over 20,000 pounds, the only offload access was on the road, and the transformer would need to be lifted over several trees to get it to its designated location. This meant that permits had to be acquired not only to close the road, but to bring in a mobile crane to move the transformer to where it needed to go without disturbing the plant life.

    Luckily, the Trinity team is no stranger to awkward install locations or permitting issues, and we were able to manage all of the engineering and commissioning that was required to install the unit.

    Trinity’s well-executed role in the project ensured that it was completed on time and to high standards, allowing our client to set the stage for the next blockbuster.

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