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Location: British Columbia
Project Type: Shutdown
Industry: Film, Infrastructure

Breaking: Trinity Powers News Station Shutdown

When a newsroom needs power system upgrades, the news cycle doesn’t wait. Luckily, the Trinity Power team is the expert in interruption-free temporary power. That’s why when an electrical contractor was looking for a solution that would take a major news broadcasting company off-grid. At the same time, they completed some infrastructure upgrades, they came straight to us.

This client is a Vancouver-based industrial electrical contractor with clients that include educational institutions, retail brands and other high-profile organizations. One such client — a national news organization — recently scheduled a 48-hour shutdown in order to update, upgrade and centralize the main distribution system at their Burnaby location.

The challenge? The building and all of its systems would have to remain fully operational during the shutdown in order to keep up with the 24-hour news cycle.

The client contacted Trinity Power to provide the temporary power equipment rental that would make this possible. Thanks to our involvement with previous projects at the same site, we already understood the ins and outs of the existing system, and how to design the best temporary power solution.

Following a site visit to go over the shutdown requirements, equipment needed and installation constraints, the contractor and the Trinity team worked together to design a solution that would be not only economical but also contain enough redundancy to keep the news station running should any issues arise during the 48 hour period.

To achieve this, Trinity supplied 2 500kW generators (one prime and one standby generator), a 1200A automatic transfer switch, a 600kV transformer, 2 large disconnects at 800A and 1200A, a 1200A panel and all the required cables. Trinity also took care of fueling the generators, so our client could focus their full attention on completing their project within the tight time frame.

Thanks to Trinity’s expertise and commitment to service, our client was able to bring their important project to a successful completion. The news station’s new equipment is up and running, and the news cycle remains uninterrupted.

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