Water Leak Emergency Case Study

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Location: British Columbia
Project Type: Emergency
Industry: Emergency

The Client

Our customer has been in business for more than 30 years and is recognized for providing full electrical service in the residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors. They specialize in large-scale projects, high-profile design-build work, retrofit applications, and clean energy solutions.

The Challenge

One of our client’s buildings experienced a water leak, which led to a flooded electrical room. While the building was unoccupied at the time, it was imperative to keep the boiler system operational to avoid further and costly damage. Trinity Power was brought in to provide a temporary power solution supporting the boiler while the leak was cleaned up and long-term repairs made.

The Solution

After receiving the call, we were able to propose and source a power plan while a permanent fix was being worked on. We provided a 160kW 120/208V generator with a 400A distribution panel, cable, and fuel service. To alleviate our clients’ stress, we coordinated delivery logistics and provided onsite installation and support. 

The Result

We were able to restore and support our client’s building with proper heating and functionality while their electrical room was assessed, and a permanent solution put in place. As a result of our quick actions, we were able to minimize damage to the building and our client was able to refocus on regular business operations.

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