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Location: Vancouver, B.C.
Project Type: Distribution
Industry: Construction

Trinity’s No Gamble for Casino’s Electrical Contractor

“Temporary” isn’t always so, well, temporary, when it comes to power needs, as a recent Trinity Power project in Vancouver proves. In this case Trinity Power was called on to provide equipment for a major construction site for a job that could last up to two years. Thanks to Trinity’s available inventory and talented staff, this long-term installation was at the site in a fraction of the time and cost it would have taken to custom build equipment to meet the client’s needs.

The project – the construction of a $535 million casino in BC’s Lower Mainland – is sure to become a destination for Vancouver visitors and residents, alike. The construction combines a 72,000-sq.-ft. gambling floor with 550 guest rooms (in two separate hotels), along with all the amenities such facilities provide. The project’s electrical contractor came to Trinity Power in search of a 2000kVa, 12.5kV – 600V transformer that could connect to BC Hydro’s grid for the two years or so needed to build this urban resort.

The power to be supplied by the new substation was critical to the project’s progress, and the construction team didn’t have the time for a new unit to be custom built from scratch. So, instead, Trinity’s team worked closely with the electrical contractor’s staff, along with the project’s engineering firm, general contractor and BC Hydro, to modify an existing substation with a non-standard entrance cubicle. The equipment was ready to ship in just three weeks and the equipment modification met all Municipal and Utility requirements. Coordination of logistics (crane & landing) and permitting (lane closures) was managed by Trinity Power as well.

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