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Location: Alberta
Project Type: Distribution
Industry: Oil & Gas

Trinity Provides Flexible Solutions for Sour Gas Plant Construction

If there’s one thing that’s consistent about oil and gas construction, it’s that things are going to change. Timelines, priorities and, consequently, temporary power equipment requirements, are never set in stone.

This was the case for a client’s recent undertaking – a sour gas construction project in Alberta, where access to a large inventory and a flexible approach were the keys to success.


The Client: A Global Energy Consultancy

With over 100 offices spanning 40 countries, this client delivers complete project lifecycle management on a truly global scale.

Specializing in the hydrocarbon, power, infrastructure, mineral and chemical sectors, the organization strives to deliver consistent results through enterprise-level management that is committed to protecting people, the environment, and their customers’ assets.


The Challenge: An Evolving Petrochemical Construction Project

Working with one of their customers, our client was tasked with overseeing the construction of a sour gas plant in rural Western Canada. As with most construction projects, the site required heat and lighting, as well as power for the workers’ tools and equipment. With its large area, delivering power, heat and light to various corners of the construction site required a comprehensive plan, and a great deal of distribution equipment.

But the requirements didn’t end there. As the project progressed, the client’s equipment needs evolved, which meant they needed to source even more distribution equipment than they had originally planned.


Our Approach: A Comprehensive and Flexible Distribution Solution

Sourcing from our multiple branches, as well as our partner vendors, the Trinity team was able to provide all of the distribution equipment that was required initially. And when things pivoted, leaving our client with even greater temporary power equipment requirements, our flexible approach and comprehensive inventory meant that we were able to keep up, fulfilling all of the project’s distribution requirements.

In the end, we delivered:

In order to ensure the temporary power equipment would continue to be of use as the project progressed, the units that Trinity provided came ready with wheels or forklift pockets, making it easy to maneuver to different locations on-site.


The Result: A Project Timeline with Momentum

Thanks to Trinity’s flexible and comprehensive distribution solution, our client was able to move forward with the sour gas plant construction in a timely fashion, knowing their temporary power needs would be taken care of, no matter what new challenges the project might encounter.

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