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Location: Burnaby, B.C.
Project Type: Emergency Power Generation
Industry: Electrical Contracting

Trinity Is Part of the Team in Residential Tower Power-Restoration Project

Trinity Power has become a regular team member for many of Western Canada’s top electrical contractors, including the client on this project, with whom we’ve worked frequently when unplanned outages have created an urgent need for temporary power. They recognize our 24/7 responsiveness and unmatched inventory make us the go-to supplier when time and equipment availability are both critical.

That was certainly the case when an early morning (12:30 AM) power failure at an 18-story residential tower in Burnaby, BC left 130 units in the dark. The professionals, our client, were called and before they even arrived at the site, they gave Trinity Power a heads up to let us know an equipment list would be coming soon.

At the site, the electrical contractor discovered that a foundation failure in the building’s electrical room was allowing water to slowly seep through the wall, shorting out major electrical equipment in the process. The only solution while necessary repairs were made was to get a generator and cable to the site to ensure residents could continue going about their day-to-day activities.

With the request for a 400kW 120/208V diesel generator and 5 X 400′ runs of single conductor 4/0 cable in hand, Trinity Power went to work. Reaching out through our extensive supplier network, we were able to secure the equipment quickly and get it delivered right to the building. At this time, the electrical room repairs are still underway, but, thanks to the teamwork between Trinity power and our client, residents’ lives haven’t been impeded by the outage.


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