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Location: Vancouver Island, B.C.
Project Type: Maintenance Upgrade
Industry: Electrical Contracting, Infrastructure

Trinity Partners With Houle to Solve a Prison Power Problem

A prison without power? This was the situation Trinity Power helped to avoid recently, when an electrical contractor came to us needing a temporary power solution for their client: a minimum-security prison on Vancouver Island.

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With a reputation for reliability, quality, and good management, our client on this project is an award-winning electrical contracting company that specializes in commercial and institutional applications.

When an electrical upgrade was going to leave their client without line power, the electrical contractor came to Trinity Power to help with a temporary power solution that would provide the 12.5 kV of electricity that the prison needed to keep operating smoothly during the upgrade.

Working with our client and another stakeholder in the project, we developed a solution that allowed the prison to remain fully operational for the duration of the upgrade.

We supplied a 500kW 480V generator, which was then fed into our 500kVA 480-12.5kV substation transformer, and finally into a 15kV fused disconnect, for protection. Along with this main system, we also supplied a 150kW 120/208V generator, to feed additional loads on site during the upgrade.

Once this equipment was mounted on a trailer, Trinity pre-wired and tested it, so that it was quick and easy to install once it arrived on site.

Thanks to Trinity Power, our client was able to perform the scheduled upgrade and maintenance without disrupting the day-to-day operation of the prison. There was no prison break on our watch.

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