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Location: Edmonton
Project Type: Power Distribution
Industry: Construction

Trinity Powers Up the Cranes at a Luxurious Alberta Condo Development

The construction of a large condominium development is a ground-up affair. Cranes are needed to lift big loads and heavy equipment from one floor to the next as the project progresses and are vital during the build.

It was no different for our client – a general contractor with locations throughout Western Canada — who needed to power two cranes for the second construction phase of a modern condominium in Alberta.

The condominium in question is a high end community, with luxury spaces characterized by high quality natural materials, built on lush land overlooking a nearby river.

With services ranging from commercial and industrial to residential and recreational, this client has completed projects at high-profile locations such as the West Edmonton Mall and the University of Alberta. They aim to be the most innovative and progressive contractor in Western Canada.

Reliable Temporary Power for Long-Term Projects

The temporary power equipment would need to roll out at different times throughout the project, and the pricing had to make sense for the two year construction period. Right away, Trinity began developing a plan that would provide the contractor with the right equipment, at the right junctions in the project, all within budget.
Over the course of the two years, Trinity will provide:

The majority of our cable will be camlok, with hardwire capabilities for connection to the cranes. One crane is already operational, and the second will be ready to go with its temporary power equipment when needed during the construction.

Our cost-effective solutions and smart planning will allow our client to move materials and equipment to their designated floors as soon as it’s needed, and give condo owners a top-of-the-line home to lay their heads in no time.

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