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Location: Ontario
Project Type: Emergency Power
Industry: Emergency

Trinity Saves the Day With Late-Night Power Restoration

Power outages are always inconvenient, and often costly. But when the power goes out at a multi-unit commercial building, the businesses that are impacted can number in the dozens.

That’s why, when a client called late one night looking for the equipment they needed to restore power to an Ontario strip mall, the Trinity team knew we needed to act fast.


The Client: A Boutique Property Management Firm

Based in Ontario, this small, local property management firm is responsible for the management of several local properties. When one of their properties experiences a power outage, it is our client who is responsible for orchestrating a quick resolution that won’t impact their tenants.


The Challenge: A Late-Night Outage

The power outage happened at 10pm — after hours for most of the retail businesses in the building. But even when an outage happens after hours, it is important to restore it quickly.

The businesses operating out of the building — including a Taekwondo school, a golf store and a running store — would need power to operate the following morning. And one tenant, an Indian restaurant, had a large amount of food being refrigerated that would be very costly if spoiled.

Needing a quick and comprehensive temporary power solution, our client found the Trinity Power website, and gave us a late-night call.


Our Approach: A Quick, Easy-to-Install Solution

Working quickly while providing support to the on-site electrician over the phone, we sourced and shipped a 350kW generator rental and a 400A I-line panel with four 60A breakers.

We also provided 500 feet of cable to connect the generator and panel, and to feed power to the building’s critical loads.

Our Plug-N-Go panel and cable, as well as our logistics planning — we had the equipment delivered with a crane truck that could place it exactly where it was needed — allowed for a quick and painless installation.


The Result: A Four-Hour Turnaround to Keep Critical Loads Running

Thanks to Trinity’s 24/7 response, our comprehensive selection of easy-to-use equipment and our careful consideration of shipping and installation logistics, we had our client’s critical systems up and running in under four hours.

Their tenants were able to keep food refrigerated, and conduct business as usual the following day, and our client was able to keep their commitment to their customers.

All in a night’s work.

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