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Location: Toronto
Project Type: Distribution
Industry: Emergency

Trinity Keeps the Lights on at a 33 Storey Residential High Rise

From lighting to kitchen appliances to elevators, the areas affected by a power outage in a residential high rise range from inconvenient to serious health and safety risks. That’s why, when the utility power is shut off, waiting for it to be restored isn’t always an option.

In those cases, a carefully executed temporary power solution allows residents to carry on with their lives and building management to carry on with their repairs.

A recent project in Toronto highlights just how effective the right temporary power design can be.

In late January, as temperatures dipped to -14 degrees Celsius, a water pipe in the garbage disposal room of a 33 storey residential building burst, flooding the building’s electrical room.

With safety a top priority, power to the building was shut off, and the property managers contacted our client, a leading restoration company, to fix the damage.

With 60 years in the insurance, construction and restoration industries, this client specializes in restoring properties that have been damaged by fire, water, storms and other disasters. Like Trinity Power, the company is committed to providing excellent customer service and doing exemplary work for their clients, which is why they have become one of our many repeat customers.

As soon as the call came in, the Trinity team began to mobilize a contingency plan in order to minimize any downtime in the case of unforeseen roadblocks.

Using equipment from our large inventory, and working with the on-site electrical contractor, the Trinity team was able to replicate the building’s permanent electrical distribution system, which was currently out of commission.  

We provided two 6000A 600V splitters, four 2000A breaker disconnects, two 1200A distribution panels with various breakers and over 900 pieces of cable.

In order to ensure the building would have power, even if utility power was not restored, we also arranged to have two 2MW 600V diesel generators on standby.

Thanks to Trinity’s quick solution and comprehensive inventory, the electrical contractor was able to restore power to the building quickly, allowing residents to carry on with their daily lives while our client restored the damaged electrical room safely and efficiently.

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