Industrial Compressor Application

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Location: Canada
Project Type: Aluminum Production
Industry: Construction

The Client

With tens of thousands of customers across North America, our customer is a prominent provider of advanced compressed air solutions in Canada, offering cutting-edge technologies for enhanced efficiency and productivity in industrial applications.

The Challenge

Our work began when one of our customers’ clients realized they did not have the necessary transformer or switch to operate a new compressor for one of Canada’s largest aluminum producers. This client was already working in a deficit and needed the extra equipment immediately to avoid further delays.

The Solution

We understood the urgency of the situation and immediately secured the right equipment for the job. We decided a 7500 kVA substation transformer with a 1200A 15kV fused disconnect would be the best solution. These rentals were easy to find in our expansive inventory. From there, we evaluated our equipment and sent it to the required Canadian job site. Upon its arrival, we re-tested and inspected it before transporting it to the destination.

The Result

The customer was able to restore their power in record time which allowed them to resume full production.

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