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Location: Ontario
Project Type: Distribution
Industry: Emergency

Trinity Solution Powers Hotel Restoration After Extensive Flooding

When disaster strikes, after the immediate crisis has been handled, someone has to repair the damage. That’s where restoration companies come in. In the wake of fires, flooding, and other disasters, restoration companies are called on to return a facility to its former glory, or even make improvements as they fix what the disaster has broken.

Wherever a restoration company is working, there is a high possibility that they will require temporary power to run their specialized equipment.

This was the case at a major hotel brand in Ontario recently, where flooding on the top floor led to widespread damage.

Here’s how Trinity Power supported the company tasked with restoring the hotel to a guest-ready state.

The Client: A Silent Partner in Property Restoration

Despite its excellent reputation among industry insiders, this client is virtually invisible to the outside world, and that is by design. With experienced personnel and a large equipment fleet, this specialty services company works as a subcontractor to support other contractors in their property restoration endeavors, all without logos or any other giveaway to indicate their presence. This approach has bolstered the capabilities and reputations of contractors across the US and Canada, as well as in the Caribbean.

The Challenge: A Burst Pipe and a Multi-Floor Distribution Requirement

When a burst pipe on the top floor of an Ontario hotel caused widespread damage, our client was called in to support the restoration by providing heaters to dry the affected areas quickly. The challenge? The heaters required generated power, and the damage had spread to all six floors.

In order to feed power to their 480V and 120V heaters spread throughout the building from four separate generators, they needed to design and mobilize a complex distribution system, and they needed to do so as quickly as possible.

Having worked with Trinity Power before on projects in BC and Alberta, our client knew that we would not only be up to the task but that the Trinity team would produce excellent results.

Our Approach: Full-Service Support, Start to Finish

This project was a true showcase of Trinity’s “high-touch, high-care” approach to client support. Our client had already provided the heaters and the generators: we handled everything in between.

Working back and forth with the client, the Trinity team troubleshooted the logistics of powering multiple machines over multiple floors and designed a system that expertly navigated those challenges to ensure the project’s goals were met as efficiently as possible.

Trinity provided two 1200A I-line panels with a total of six 250A breakers; each breaker fed one of the 480V 150kW heaters that were spread out throughout the building.

We also supplied a 400A 208V panel, a 200A 208V panel, and a 1200A I-line panel filled with 50A breakers. These panels were used to feed a total of twenty-four 50A spider boxes that were spaced out to feed many smaller heaters as well as lighting.


Iline panels getting prepped.

Because the power had to be distributed between 6 different floors, the real play-saving catch was Trinity’s ability to provide all of the required cabling and equipment quickly, using both our Power Broker Model and our own large fleet. In order to allow our client to begin the installation as quickly as possible, the Trinity Team delivered the equipment in two shipments, so that installation could begin on the smaller gear while the larger equipment was being prepped.

In addition to the system design and equipment, the Trinity team provided our customer with a single line drawing before the equipment arrived, ensuring a seamless installation. We also sent one of our temporary power specialists to visit the site on more than one occasion, both to survey the site, and to answer any questions the crew might have.


The Result: Reputations Bolstered and a Hotel Restored

Thanks in part to Trinity Power’s fast, effective solution, our client was able to provide the high quality of service they are known for, and the hotel was able to recover from the disaster and re-open their doors in the shortest time frame possible.

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