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Location: British Columbia
Project Type: Emergency
Industry: Emergency

Double Trouble: Trinity Sources Emergency Transformers For Northern BC Sawmill

They say that trouble comes in threes, but for a Canadian sawmill where Trinity Power recently completed an emergency project, trouble came in the form of two transformers failing at the same time.

The sawmill in question is one of five owned by our client, a publicly traded Canadian lumber company operating in Northern BC and the US. In keeping with their mandate to be a “world leader in responsibly maximizing fiber value,” this client also operates a biomass power plant, which generates power using sawmill waste material.

When 2 transformers failed at the client’s sawmill in Northern BC, they needed an emergency solution to get them up and running again quickly. Knowing we have a 24/7/365 emergency response system, they turned to Trinity Power, and we responded on the double.

In order to get back to work, the mill needed both a 10mVA 69kV – 25kV transformer and a 5000kVA 25kV – 600/347V transformer, and they needed them quickly.

Due to the large size of the transformers, and the specific voltage required for each, the Trinity team had to look outside of our inventory for the best-fit equipment. Luckily our power broker model meant that we had an extensive vendor list to draw from across North America, and with the clock ticking, we were able to locate the required transformers in Columbus, Ohio and Edmonton.

While the client, in the end, required only one of the two transformers the Trinity team had sourced, both were ready to ship within hours, and the required equipment arrived less than 24 hours after the initial call.

Two failed transformers and one quick solution from Trinity Power resulted in a minimal amount of downtime and lost revenue for our client.


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